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Organic Lawn Care And Clean Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing

Clean Air Lawn Care MooseClean Air Lawn Care provides full-service sustainable and organic lawn care services for residential and commercial properties in Kirkland, Renton, Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell, and surrounding areas. We apply natural, organic fertilizers and use solar-powered, environmentally clean electric mowing and trimming lawn care equipment to produce naturally strong, healthy, and green lawns that are safe for your family and protects the future of the environment.
Clean Air uses clean electric lawn care equipment that is powered by renewable energy. Our electric lawn equipment is charged by solar panels mounted on our trucks, reducing our net carbon emissions to zero, letting us recharge our devices while we work. Our organic lawn care services for customers across Kirkland, Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, Bothell, Washington and surrounding areas include safe, effective fertilization and natural weed control plans that are completely clean and chemical-free. We care for your lawn naturally!

Our clients can relax and enjoy their healthy lawns while we apply our organic fertilizers and treatments (containing no toxic chemicals) and use solar-powered lawn care equipment (that causes no air pollution) to mow, trim and perform clean-up operations. Choose an organic lawn care service in Seattle and surrounding areas that helps your yard become greener than ever, all while reducing your carbon footprint!

You Deserve A Healthy, Safe, And Natural Lawn

Healthy Lawn Care Services

Clean Air Lawn Care Lawn Care Services
Lawn CareClean Air Lawn Care Seattle provides full-service professional organic lawn care in Kirkland, Bothell, and Seattle. Our lawn care services include custom packages to fit your lawn’s specific needs. View our healthy lawn care services.

Natural Organic Lawn Care

Come Clean Organic Lawn Care - Clean Air Lawn CareOrganic Lawn CareWe combine expert mowing and watering knowledge with dual acting organic fertilizer to get you a naturally healthy lawn without exposing your family to dangerous chemicals and pesticides. View our organic lawn care and treatment programs.

Clean Solar-Powered Mowing

Emissions-Free Lawn Care - Clean Air Lawn CareSustainable Lawn Care and Clean MowingSolar-powered organic lawn care equipment from Clean Air Lawn Care removes more than 23,000 lbs of lawn care pollution annually in our cities across the U.S. More than 5-10% of U.S. pollution is from gas mowers. View our clean mowing services.